Sam McKinniss Recollects Celebrities in Their Golden Age at JTT

With his most recent show at JTT in the Lower East Side, Sam McKinnis explores figuration painting by memorializing iconic celebrity subjects.

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Jaqueline Cedar

Jaqueline Cedar's expansive and colorful canvases tell the stories of her daily experiences in New York.
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Carla Weeks

Carla Weeks uses pattern as a means to story tell.
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Minku Kim

Though seemingly straightforward in their appearance, Minku Kim’s canvases have depths to them.
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Hunter Potter

Potter focuses in on the minutia of life, beckoning viewers to slow down and revel in life’s pleasantries.
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Genesis Belanger

Genesis Belanger creates absurd things to discuss the absurdities of the structures we exist in.
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Paul Kasmin Plants a 'Seed' for Women’s Artistic Liberation

At Paul Kasmin this summer, a rare moment of the feminine exploring the depths of their divine womanhood through art has come to life in Seed.
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Caroline Denervaud

Caroline Denervaud does not like to define her artistic practice.
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Sharona Eliassaf

Sharona Eliassaf paints vibrant, dreamlike scenes full of symbolic undertones.
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Sacha Ingber

Sacha Ingber creates intricate ceramic works that take on worlds of their own.
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