Eleanor Swordy Combines Memory with Imagination

Swordy creates works that originate from a combination of her imagination and memories.

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Carl Krull

"Becoming an artist wasn't a conscious decision I took at a certain point in my life, but rather something that just happened."
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Danni Pantel

Since a young age, Danni Pantel has been fascinated by art, especially being surrounded by the pictures of her great-grandfather who was a painter.
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Ann Grim

Ann Grim is a multidisciplinary contemporary artist known for her conceptual and anticipative artwork.
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Michael Kagan

Kagan’s work aims to be central and evokes a sense of naturalism; it attracts viewer’s within an instant. 
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Farshad Farzankia

"I don’t really think about the viewer when I paint."
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Matt McCormick

Matt McCormick has pursued a career that covers a multitude of artistic disciplines.
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Rebecca Ness

"Accept your confusion, and keep painting while you’re confused."
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Ana Benaroya

"Making art and viewing art I think is a comfort. A way of dealing."
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Grant Levy-Lucero

"I like the mark of the artist."
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