Matthew Palladino Breaks the Mold of Artistic Expression

He rearranges casts and colors either virtually or in reality to create masterpieces exploring contemporary themes of the body and technology.

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Christiane Spangsberg

"Time does not exist when making art."
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Josh Reames

"I'm most inspired by other artists that are prolific workers with a weird edge."
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Danielle Gottesman

"Many of my recent works are created with wood, but I’ve always been a multi-media artist."
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Joshua Abelow

"One interesting thing that I sort of go back to, it’s one of those things that’s so basic, is the continuum of art."
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Jonas Wood’s Prints Speak Volumes at Gagosian

The latest Jonas Wood exhibit showcases his trademark still lives.
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Katharina Grosse’s Installation: “The Horse Trotted Another Couple of Metres, Then it Stopped”

Written By Isabelle Davis German artist Katharina Grosse recently unveiled her installation at Carriageworks under the name “The Horse Trotted Another Couple of Metres, Then it Stopped.” Part of the Sydney Art Festival of 2018 and a third part of the Schwartz Carriageworks series of projects shown internationally, Grosse’s work responds to Carriagework’s industrial architecture…
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Gabriel Barcia-Colombo

Gabriel Barcia-Colombo is a mixed media artist whose work questions technology’s effect on humans’ relationships to time, memory, and death.
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Ryan Schneider

"I started to see that the only thing that really needs happen while I paint is that I need to be present, and focus on what the brush, paint, and canvas are doing right in front of me."
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Susumu Kamijo

By Nina Blumberg Nina Blumberg, art consultant at Samuels Creative in Manhattan and founder of the art Instagram @artstagram__, interviews up-and-coming contemporary artist Susumu Kamijo as a part of a collaboration with LA-based art company Art Of Choice. Kamijo has gained recognition over the past few years for his mixed media paintings and drawings– in…
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