Lose Yourself in Rosa Loy’s Fantastical Realities

Rosa Loy currently holds one of the few spaces in the New Leipzing School filled by a female painter in post-unification Germany.

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Hein Koh

Hein Koh creates larger-than-life spandex sculptures that call to mind a whimsical childhood experience.
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Kristin Texeria

Kristin Texeira paints to capture, document, and preserve memories.
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Kristen Schiele

Kristen Schiele paintings build a backdrop to a story derived from collage and inspired by elements in nature and from memories.
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Amanda Baldwin

Amanda Baldwin is recreating the still life to capture a modern-day feel.
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Julie Curtiss

Julie Curtiss' paintings evoke both humor and darkness, familiarity and strangeness.
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Katherine Bernhardt

Katherine Bernhardt is known for painting a hodgepodge of consumer symbols, tropical animals, and everyday objects, such as cigarettes and Doritos chip, onto vibrant colored canvases.
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The 'People' at Jeffrey Deitch are Genuine Representations

By not leaving any rendering off limits, Deitch gives us a very untraditional sculpture show.
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Cole Sayer

Cole Sayer discusses his temporary hiatus from art and his plans for the future.
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Mathew Cerletty’s Version of Human Existence is Alien

As simple as it often appears, Mathew Cerletty’s work has depths to it.
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