Keeping Up With Kenny Schachter

We’re bringing you some behind-the-scenes content from the artist, collector, curator, dealer and writer

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Ogulcan Kush – "The American Daydream"

Ogulcan Kush discusses his life and practice.
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Thrashbird is Los Angeles-based street artist, who likes to question and play with contemporary issues.
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Cj Hendry

Hendry is a completely self-taught hyperrealistic artist, known for her breathtaking and massive ink drawings.
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Trudy Benson

Benson mainly works with acrylics and oils to create her unique style.
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The Black Hole Generation

"The Black Hole Generation" is a new artistic collective made up of three abstract painters from Prague.
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Yanyan Huang

YanYan Huang is versatile, making paintings, drawings and even ceramic vases, books and dresses.
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Peter Granados

In his visual art, Granados uses non-traditional methods.
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Devan Shimoyama

In his visual art, Shimoyama mainly works with mixed media.
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Journey Back to the Center of Jimmie's World

April 21, 2017 By Kim Scupham In January this year, The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles opened up the retrospective Jimmie Durham: At the Center of the World. Internationally renowned sculptor, published essayist and poet, performer, and lifelong activist for American Indian rights, Jimmie Durham is an artist of perpetual relevance. Jimmie Durham, born in…
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