Gisela McDaniel Offers A Space for Healing Within Her Canvas

Gisela McDaniel uses her talent to not only share the stories of the women who sit in front of her, but share a piece of herself as well

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Jennifer Guidi Invites You on A Spiritual Journey At Gagosian

Abstraction is Guidi's ideal form of expression, and each of these works is backed with such emotion that the mere shapes are all you need in order to make sense of her message.
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Daisy Dodd-Noble Presents A Whimsical Environmentalism

Exploring the larger topic of environmentalism, her surrealist scenes give way to an alternate reality.
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Cinga Samson Questions Certain Aesthetics at Perrotin

This is the young artist's first solo exhibition in the United States, but definitely not his last.
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Jake Grewal Vocalizes His Inner Landscape

It is a difficult subject to tackle; being truthful with yourself and voicing that to a broader audience, but one Grewal powerfully confronts.
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Raven Halfmoon’s Caddo Sculptures Are Shaped By History

Raven Halfmoon, Caddo Nation, channels generations of ancestors in her totemic sculptures.
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Emma Stern Marries Art and Technology in Unexpected Ways

Emma Stern uses a unique animation technique in her work to diffuse the potential stigma behind hypersexualized avatars so often seen in video games, and often bleeding into 3D pornography.
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Patrick Quarm Brings Together A Hybridized Society

Patrick Quarm uses depth and space to create tension across different mediums.
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Jess Valice Breathes New Life Into Human Interaction

Jess Valice is a self-proclaimed "painter and friend" according to her Instagram.
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At 1969 Gallery, Mark Ryan Chariker Takes on Monochrome and Mystery

1969 Gallery has been a proud representative of the latest trends in US and international art for years.
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