Experience Visual Poetry Through Vojtěch Kovařík’s Monumental Paintings

There is something about the large-scale paintings of Vojtěch Kovařík that hold the power of absolute transference in the viewer.

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A Commentary on COVID-19 with Alejandro Cardenas in East Hampton

The series AEAEA delves into themes of loneliness and intimate companionship, topics that have been dominant in the age of novel coronavirus.
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Deep Dive to the Underworld in Lily Simonson’s Explorations of the Ocean Floor

The artist's bright compositions of an underwater world allow viewers to explore the depths of the ocean floor and the mesmerising array of shapes and colors that make part of it.
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Explore the Body and Soul through Alex Foxton’s Compelling Work

From garments to canvas, Alex Foxton takes on figurative expression of the male body into a deep dialogue of shapes and colors.
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Step Inside the Surreal Interiors of Paul Rouphail

Upon first look, Paul Rouphail's still lifes are vibrant and immaculately detailed
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A Look at Nicki Cherry’s Monumental Sculptures

Her abstract forms evoke feelings more so than recognizable figures
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David Shrobe Repurposes Detritus to Reimagine History

Embodying the heart of Harlem is this unique New York-based artist.
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Gisela McDaniel Offers A Space for Healing Within Her Canvas

Gisela McDaniel uses her talent to not only share the stories of the women who sit in front of her, but share a piece of herself as well
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Meet Dave Muller: The Artist Who Could Probably Guess Your Favorite Song

Dave Muller quickly recognized his passion and talent for music when he became a radio DJ in the '80s, but his genius as an artist was realized through mere serendipity
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Sitting Still with Dominic Chambers

The artist aims to provide an alternate, intimate perspective of people of color during those quiet times that are often overlooked
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