Fall Down The Rabbit Hole of Symbolism Through the Work of Maria Fragoso

The young up-and-coming artist is breaking the barriers and plowing the ground of Contemporary sensorial figuration.

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Learn to Set Your Table Like one of Kate Pincus-Whitney’s Paintings

Raised in the kitchen within a close-knit family, P. W. is passionately committed to compose the dinner table as a theater setting
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Sink in Synchronicity at Roberts Projects, LA

The group show of nine artists is looking to dive into the unknown, the unexpected, and avoid being held back by preconceived ideas of structured truths
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Experience Physical Sensation Through Color in Doron Langberg’s Paintings

At only 35, Doron Langberg is quickly becoming a pillar of contemporary figurative painting.
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Meet Milo Matthieu, The Artist Who You’ll Want To Be On Your Fantasy Dinner Invite List

Brooklyn-based artist, Milo Matthieu presents an organic introspection of the self, understood broadly in the academic field and brought straight to the canvas.
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Experience Raw Emotion Through Jadé Fadojutimi’s Paintings at Pippy Houldsworth, London

Recently after the closure of the exhibition featuring Jadé Fadojutimi at Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, the excitement of the solo show continues to oscillate
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The Silent Subjects in Cesar Piette’s Paintings Will Engage With You In Dialogue About Life and Reality

Cesar Piette's work encompasses a complex process of sketching and coloring, digital rendering, and finally painting acrylic on panel.
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Join FriendsWithYou and Imagine a World Without Hate, Hierarchy or Supremacy 

Sam and Tury surf through a myriad of mediums to get their message of unison and empathy across.
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Mak Ying Tung 2 Steps Out of the Ordinary as She Reimagines Conceptual Matters

Meet Mak Ying Tung 2, the eccentric conceptual artist whose only constant is the inconsistency in her work.
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Tap Into Your Inner Child Through Javier Calleja’s Unique Work

The artist is currently soaring through exhibitions worldwide as he intends to awaken your inner child.
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