Matthew Palladino Breaks the Mold of Artistic Expression

He rearranges casts and colors either virtually or in reality to create masterpieces exploring contemporary themes of the body and technology.

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Matt Arbuckle’s Explorations into Abstraction Continue to Push the Genre

Arbuckle paints abstract works whose various elements come together while in process.
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Christina Quarles Encapsulates an Otherworldly Feeling

To view Quarles' work is to experience a certain kind of freedom that can't be explained in words.
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With ‘Plumb Line’ Loie Hollowell Transcends into the Canon of Art History

In her newest body of work, Hollowell continues an exploration in the female body in ways that are perhaps her most personal body of work yet.
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Pat Phillips Calls on His Own History to Spotlight Systemic Inequities

Phillips' work is full of multifaceted elements, both in styling and meaning.
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Eleanor Swordy Combines Memory with Imagination

Swordy creates works that originate from a combination of her imagination and memories.
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Gagosian’s ‘Domestic Horror’ Questions the Most Familiar Realms

One of the oldest and most established names in the blue-chip gallery world has shown its willingness to be forward-thinking by hosting a buzz-worthy exhibition.
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Jaime Muñoz is Driven by Self-Reflection

Before starting his career as an artist, Muñoz gained experience as a working class laborer. 
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Florine Imo’s Busy Work Tells Simple Stories

Imo finds inspiration for her work through her desire to touch people.
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Gabriel Mills Displays an Intrinsic Connection to his Ancestry

Adopting a Surrealist essence, Mills paintings are inspired by his own ancestors and the spirituality present in African and Indigenous art.
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