Join FriendsWithYou and Imagine a World Without Hate, Hierarchy or Supremacy 

Sam and Tury surf through a myriad of mediums to get their message of unison and empathy across.

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Sam McKinniss Recollects Celebrities in Their Golden Age at JTT

With his most recent show at JTT in the Lower East Side, Sam McKinnis explores figuration painting by memorializing iconic celebrity subjects.
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Miles Jaffe Introduces Neopop Wall Sculptures

And, yes, it's just as cool as it sounds. Miles Jaffe creates enormous tubes of paint and they're "dripping" everywhere.
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The Impenetrable Stare of Cinga Samson

They're self-portraits, where Samson hopes to share his own journey and have others resonate with that, but the empty gray eyes imply an anonymous impenetrability.
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Yves Tessier Tackles Antiquity in Modernism

His simplistic use of line and color depicts figures in everyday settings. This, he says, represents a direct way to view his world.
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Kate Gottgens Plays with Fragmentation and Disjointedness

Kate Gottgens paints scenes that have an ephemeral nature, almost as if they could change at any moment and the scene beyond would continue to play out in its own world. 
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Jennifer Guidi Invites You on A Spiritual Journey At Gagosian

Abstraction is Guidi's ideal form of expression, and each of these works is backed with such emotion that the mere shapes are all you need in order to make sense of her message.
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Daisy Dodd-Noble Presents A Whimsical Environmentalism

Exploring the larger topic of environmentalism, her surrealist scenes give way to an alternate reality.
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Cinga Samson Questions Certain Aesthetics at Perrotin

This is the young artist's first solo exhibition in the United States, but definitely not his last.
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Jake Grewal Vocalizes His Inner Landscape

It is a difficult subject to tackle; being truthful with yourself and voicing that to a broader audience, but one Grewal powerfully confronts.
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