Gisela McDaniel Offers A Space for Healing Within Her Canvas

Gisela McDaniel uses her talent to not only share the stories of the women who sit in front of her, but share a piece of herself as well

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Mark Whalen Makes Light of the Human Experience

Whalen's sculptural work turns the medium on its head - somewhat literally.
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Maria Berrio’s Collages are Grounded in Magical Realism

Berrio's work reflects the traditions of South American folklore.
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Nicolas Party and Others Pay Tribute to Pastel at The FLAG Art Foundation

With "Nicolas Party: Pastel", the artist wears two hats, as both participating artist and curator.
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Canyon Castator Traverses the Fragility of the Modern Mind

Viewing his paintings, one gets the sense Castator is cracking open the inside of his brain for all to see.
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Matthew Wong Harnesses Profound Emotion at Karma

Over the course of an artist’s life, one is able to look back and see certain patterns in their work, periods of time where the artist was in a certain mood or particular headspace.
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Sydney Vernon Movingly Reimagines Personal Family Photographs

An undergrad at the Cooper Union, Vernon exudes an artistic maturity far beyond her years.
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Alejandra Martinez’s Anónimo Invites its Audience to Reconnect with Art

Martinez created Anónimo to encourage the purchase of art as a process free of preconceived ideas.
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Alexandra Noel Proves Small Is Mighty At Bodega

In a world where we are constantly inundated with vast amounts of information, sometimes the most impactful messages are conveyed on a small scale.
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Trevor Andrew Shares His Wide-Ranging Artistry

Andrew, better known to some as Gucci Ghost or "Trouble" Andrew, has made recent waves with his entry into the fine art world.
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