Gisela McDaniel Offers A Space for Healing Within Her Canvas

Gisela McDaniel uses her talent to not only share the stories of the women who sit in front of her, but share a piece of herself as well

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Meet Dave Muller: The Artist Who Could Probably Guess Your Favorite Song

Dave Muller quickly recognized his passion and talent for music when he became a radio DJ in the '80s, but his genius as an artist was realized through mere serendipity
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Sitting Still with Dominic Chambers

The artist aims to provide an alternate, intimate perspective of people of color during those quiet times that are often overlooked
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Sally J. Han Steeps Her Work in Culture For All

The artist pulls cultural references from her birthplace of China as well as her childhood in South Korea to create illustrative and contemplative works
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Natural Women by Monica Kim Garza

Monica Kim Garza paints from her heart- with unbounded passion- and offers her work to be viewed in any which way you like
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Flipping the Narrative at Victoria Miro Gallery

Victoria Miro Gallery introduced an irresistible prompt for its current online exhibition; bringing together "historical and contemporary works by female artists with a focus on depictions of male subjects"
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Galleries Might Be Closed but Blum & Poe’s Current Group Exhibition Is Anything but Inaccessible

In an online group exhibition coordinated by Blum & Poe Broadcasts, Dave Muller, and Three Day Weekend, viewers are offered an introspective on absence
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A First Look At Uzo Njoku

DC-based artist Uzo Njoku intertwines her Nigerian, West African culture with contemporary themes about gender, race, and ethnicity
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Koichi Sato’s Portraits Brighten Anyone’s Day (or Wall)

They embody their own style constructed from patches of vibrant colors and emotions
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Keeping Up With Kenny Schachter

We're bringing you some behind-the-scenes content from the artist, collector, curator, dealer and writer
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