Flow in and out of reason through Ali Banisadr’s captivating paintings

The intense, motion-filled work of Ali Banisadr explore themes of perception, intuition, sensorial experiences, primal instinct, memory and sound.

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Live within Realism and Irony in the Work of Brad Phillips

The well established Toronto and Miami based artist provided a fresh take on his background, and his unique approach to painting.
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Look Beyond Past and Present Through “Springtime”, the New Work of Georg Baselitz at 24th StreetGagosian

Hanging across the walls of Gagosian’s 24th St. gallery is the solo show Springtime, by Georg Baselitz.
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See Conceptuality Through the Eyes of Esteban Ramón Pérez

The conversations one has as a viewer with the installations, sculptures, and multi-media compositions are filled with depth.
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Feel each stroke, both diligent and chaotic, in Alex Gibson’s unique body of work

2019 Yale School of Arts graduate Alex Gibson works through a unique stroke that dances between abstract expressionism, and cartoon rendering.
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“And I will hear you in my heart of heart”, a group show at the FLAG Art Foundation, NY

On view at the FLAG Art Foundation, NY, is the group show and I will hear you in my heart of heart, that compiles the work of 35 artists of varying backgrounds.
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Give Yourself A Mental Break, and Visit “Twice” by Ivy Haldeman at Downs & Ross, NY

The sensible, sweetly ironic, and brilliant scenes of anthropomorphous hot dogs, and hollowed suits, in Ivy Haldeman: "Twice", will speak to the viewer across a myriad of depths.
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Swim in Khari Tuner’s Ocean to Discover how Body, and Water, Are One And The Same

Khari Turner’s compositions are as complex in conceptuality, as they are in physical appearances and artwork medium.
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Immerse yourself in the Conceptual Language of Daniel T. Gaitor Lomack

Through the language of experience and time, the work of Daniel T. Gaitor Lomack will entice your every nerve in ways one seldom does as a viewer.
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Experience the Poetic Solitude in Danielle McKinney’s Body of Work, “Saw My Shadow” at Fortnight Institute, NY

Throughout Danielle McKinney's latest body of work, depicted subjects protrude a sense of self-assurance rather than despair through their solace.
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