Art of Choice is an editorial-driven art advisory that believes in democratizing the way art is exchanged. Our content breaks down 'art talk', providing readers with an approachable source to access the pulse of the art world. From there, we offer our expertise in advising on art from every sector of the art market - from blue chip and mid-career to new and emerging artists. Art of Choice's coverage spans the globe, connecting followers with the most exciting artists and art world figures working today. The insight we provide offers our audience the chance to delve deeper into the contemporary art scene, regardless of their background or knowledge of art.




Olivia Davis is Art of Choice’s Founder and Sales Director. She has experience working with the most globally recognized galleries, institutions, artists, and collectors across the contemporary art market.

Davis works with both new and seasoned collectors on acquisitions and strategy with an eye towards building valuable collections. Her past experiences have allowed her to foster relationships with emerging and already established blue-chip artists, giving her access to both primary and secondary market works.

Davis grew up in New York City. She earned a BA in Communications and Art History from Boston University and an MA in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Davis has worked at notable Los Angeles galleries, including Moran Moran and David Kordansky Gallery, as well as working for a prominent art advisor, before founding Art of Choice in 2018.

Davis currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.



Executive Editor & Brand Strategy Director

Maria Vogel is Art of Choice’s Executive Editor and Brand Strategy Director. She has experience working with globally recognized galleries, art-world figures, and artists across the contemporary art market.

Vogel oversees all of Art of Choice's online content, conducting studio visits and interviews with some of the most sought-after artists working today. She also presides over Art of Choice's brand strategy, working to grow the Art of Choice name within the art industry. In her role, Vogel hopes to bridge the gap between artists and their audiences.

Vogel is originally from Pittsburgh, PA. She earned a BA in Communications, Journalism and Art History from Wake Forest University and an MA in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art. She worked at Pace Gallery before leaving to pursue a freelance career in writing, advising, and curating.

Vogel currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.


Contributing Editor

Isabelle Davis is a contributing writer to Art of Choice. She is currently enrolled at Boston University, where she studies Public Relations with a concentration in Contemporary Art. Dedicated to maintaining the quality of content, Davis supports the Art of Choice team as it grows within the art world.



Fiona Connolly is an intern for Art of Choice. She currently studies Art History and Marketing at The Pennsylvania State University. Connolly is excited to be a part of a team that works every day to break down the barriers between artists and their audience.