Art of Choice is an Art Advisory firm that works with both new and seasoned collectors on acquisitions and strategy with an eye towards building valuable collections consisting of post-war, contemporary and emerging art. Extending beyond the building of collections, Art of Choice also manages the shipping, archiving, insuring and installation of clients’ artworks as well as the de-acquisitioning of collections. We have experience in dealing with auction houses, museums, foundations and CPAs to plan for the long-term management of the collections we help build. Art of Choice is built on transparency and the confidentiality of our clients is of utmost importance.


Art of Choice has an online platform that delivers content via “a 'no-bullshit' approach to art”. We believe in democratizing the way art is exchanged. Our content breaks down 'art talk', providing readers with an approachable source to access the pulse of the art world. Art of Choice's coverage spans the globe, connecting followers with the most exciting artists and art world figures working today. The insight we provide offers our audience the chance to delve deeper into the contemporary art scene, regardless of their background or knowledge of art.