The Studio Museum in Harlem Artist-in-Residence Exhibition Sets the #MOOD

Together, Allison Janae Hamilton, Tschabalala Self, and Sable Elyse Smith examine site, place, and time as they relate to American identity and popular culture, past and present.

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At Luhring Augustine, Sanya Kantarovsky Demands Your Attention

'On Them' at Luhring Augustine Gallery picks apart the historical past of figurative painting by subverting expectation and warping archetypes into something new.
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The 2019 Whitney Biennial Shines a Light on The Present State of American Art

Operating since 1932, the Whitney Museum of American Art’s Biennial has showcased a collection of artworks reflecting the current state of America at large.
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Katherine Bradford Embraces an Unconstrained Practice

Katherine Bradford uses paint as a means to communicate.
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Lumin Wakoa’s Memories Find a Second Life In Her Paintings

Wakoa's works teeter the line between abstraction and figuration, with forms appearing on the surface as you spend more with them.
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Julie Curtiss’ Debut at Anton Kern is Delectably Satisfying

Curtiss has come to master a style of painting that fuses historical movements and results in a style that is utterly her own.
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Amy Lincoln Wows Us With Her Vibrant Takes on Nature

Amy Lincoln paints the scenes that she views outdoors with an electric palette.
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Ludovica Capobianco Curates Immersive Experiences

Ludovica Capobianco started her career working in galleries and quickly found her love of curating.
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Dan Perkins’ Optical Play is a Treat for your Eyes

Inspired by color, Dan Perkins paints flat spaces that appear to have layers of depth.
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Maysha Mohamedi Merges Worlds on her Canvas

Los Angeles-based artist Maysha Mohamedi makes large-scale abstract paintings whose bold colors and mark-making represent certain moments in her life.
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