Eleanor Swordy Combines Memory with Imagination

Swordy creates works that originate from a combination of her imagination and memories.

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Bianca Nemelc’s Female Figures are Unapologetic

Nemelc paints female bodies to create a conversation around identity.
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Cynthia Talmadge Balances Intrigue with Mystery

Talmadge maintains a practice that fuses the ingenuity of both subject matter and form. 
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Jackson Casady Reveals the Dueling Emotions in Hollywood

Casady paints illustrious scenes depicting various facets of LA culture.
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Feel Space Shift Around You at Fergus McCaffrey

Artist Richard Nonas has not taken a traditional route to become an artist – and it shows in his work.
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Matt Sayles’ Photography Sends a Strong Message

Sayles' photos have an innate sense of honesty.
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‘Dog Days’ Brings the Heat to C L E A R I N G ‘s Summer Group Show

A classic summer group show that doesn’t try to present itself as anything other than a group of exceptional artworks.
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Til Will Pushes Against His Limits

Will is not interested in repeatedly creating work with a similar visual language.
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Barnett Cohen Enlists the Viewer’s Interpretation

Though he did not set out to be an artist, Cohen knew from a young age that he wanted to be surrounded by talented and creative people
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For ‘7 Painters’ at Greene Naftali, The Commonality Is Innovation

The exhibition features many of the best contemporary painters, each influential and inventive in their own right.
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