Lumin Wakoa’s Memories Find a Second Life In Her Paintings

Wakoa’s works teeter the line between abstraction and figuration, with forms appearing on the surface as you spend more with them.

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Shona McAndrew Depicts The Real and the Raw of Womanhood

Shona McAndrew is sick of women’s idyllic representation in art.
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In “Candy Jail” Julia Rommel Continues to Embrace Painting’s Imperfections

In her fourth solo exhibition with Bureau, Rommel presents a continuation of her ongoing exploration into the exposition of the procedures, tools, and materials that create a painting.
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Wangari Mathenge Analyzes the Shaping and Shifting of Identity

Wangari Mathenge uses art as a tool to find connection with space.
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Kristy Luck Bends The Possibilities of Landscape

Kristy Luck's paintings reference landscapes in a mystic and psychologically-charged way.
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Godwin Namuyimba Deconstructs The Elements of Identity

Godwin Namuyimba creates intricately layered paintings that tackle social and political issues.
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After Four Decades, Lucio Fontana is Back in the U.S. and “On the Threshold”

The Met Breuer has brought Argentine-Italian artist Lucio Fontana back on American soil with his first U.S.-based retrospective in more than 40 years.
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Jonathan Gardner’s “Desert Wind” Synthesizes and Modernizes Art History

Jonathan Gardner’s narrative-filled paintings distinctly stand out from the current surge of figurative painting.
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Robin F. Williams Takes a Layered Approach in her Exploration of Gender & Power

Robin F. Williams paints lively, mostly female figures that toe the line between fantasy and reality.
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Hiejin Yoo Celebrates Ordinary Moments

Hiejin Yoo finds fascination in her ordinary occurrences, depicting them with large swaths of color and forms that are both representational and abstract.
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