Feel each stroke, both diligent and chaotic, in Alex Gibson’s unique body of work

2019 Yale School of Arts graduate Alex Gibson works through a unique stroke that dances between abstract expressionism, and cartoon rendering.

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Discover the Layered and Iconic Craft of Bony Ramirez

The raw depiction of subjects through vivid colors come to life in the work of Bony Ramirez.
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Travel Between Mediums and Experience the Full Breadth of Bernadette Despujols’ Work

Born and raised in Venezuela, the renowned painter, sculptor and designer Bernadette Despujols stretches and breaks all barriers of conceptual art.
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Discover the Latest Work of Alejandro Cardenas, This Time At Almine Rech, NY

Currently featured at Almine Rech, New York, and returning to Art of Choice is Alejandro Cardenas with his latest body of work, ALEXANDRIA.
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Experience Visual Poetry Through Vojtěch Kovařík’s Monumental Paintings

There is something about the large-scale paintings of Vojtěch Kovařík that hold the power of absolute transference in the viewer.
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Step Inside the Contorted Realities of Robert Nava’s Latest Work at Pace Gallery, Palm Beach

New York-based artist Robert Nava’s latest work, a collection of five large scale paintings is currently being debuted at Pace.
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Converse with the Expressive Style of Ludovic Nkoth

The New York based, Cameroonian up-and-coming painter is quickly rising through the ranks as a prominent figurative contemporary artist. Ludovic Nkoth’s compositions introduce textured portraits of figures in his past and present. Through their color sequences, the mixed media paintings in his collection speak volumes about identity and its fluidity; an especially complex concept to…
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Discover the Multidisciplinary Approach to Peter Schuyff’s Optical Illusions

The Dutch born American painter, sculptor and musician presents the viewer with the ebb and flow of undulating illusionary realities.
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Provoke Your Senses through Justin O’Brien’s Captivating Work

Brooklyn based painter, Justin O’Brien will move you into a colorful experience of intimacy and loneliness.
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Jenna Gribbon’s “The Artist, Eroticized”, Takes on Individuality As A Necessary Expression Come 2021

Jenna Gribbon presented an added layer of complexity and meaning to the global Contemporary art scene we find ourselves in today.
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