Lumin Wakoa’s Memories Find a Second Life In Her Paintings

Wakoa’s works teeter the line between abstraction and figuration, with forms appearing on the surface as you spend more with them.

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Nikki Maloof’s Paintings Contain Equal Parts Joy and Anxiety

Nikki Maloof invites multi-layered imagery and varying emotions onto her canvases.
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Gabriella Sanchez Examines the Cultural Effects of Images

Gabriella Sanchez has captivated us with her bold, visually compelling works that combine fine artistry with elements of design and cultural themes close to the artist's heart.
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Aaron Elvis-Jupin Turns The Mundane Into Uncanny

Aaron Elvis-Jupin merges everyday imagery with vivid color and form.
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Christina Forrer’s Tapestries Simplify Tales of Universal Conflict

In her first solo exhibition with Luhring Augstine, Forrer has created sprawling, life-like tapestries.
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Tze Chun Disrupts The Traditional Gallery Model with Uprise Art

Chun began Uprise Art in 2011 after seeing a need in the industry for more connection between young art collectors and emerging artists.
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Maureen St. Vincent Expresses Her Womanhood Through Surrealism

Maureen St. Vincent adopts a Surrealist style of creating as a way to invite a natural sensuality into her work.
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The Haas Brothers Transcend The Art and Design World With Their Mystical Creations

Simon and Nikolai Haas create out-of-this-world works that relate to our basic human instincts.
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Burt Bakman Treats His Restaurant as He Would a Canvas

A lifelong cook and art enthusiast, Bakman treats his cooking and his restaurant in the same manner an artist would – no detail goes unnoticed.
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Amoako Boafo’s Mesmerizing Portraiture Celebrates Blackness

Amoako Boafo’s figurative work has captured our eye with its thick, gestural, and painterly brush strokes.
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