A Close Look Into the Mind of Shannon Cartier Lucy

After a 10 year-long break from producing art, Shannon Cartier Lucy released a series of realistic oil paintings that reflect an entire new side to her artistic talent.

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Art as Therapy in the Eyes of Mauro C. Martinez

Using previous hardships as motivation and inspiration to create the art we see today, Mauro C. Martinez looks for a common thread among found images to connect human behaviors within us all
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Jerrell Gibbs Regards Authentic, Everyday Life

Taking from his own family photos and memories, Jerrell Gibbs creates scenes finding beauty in the most ordinary
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YoYo Lander Owns Feminine Vulnerability

Holding a particular interest in women and femininity, she finds beauty in the unexpected nature of watercolors, and the fact that they perfectly mimic the unpredictable and distinctive human body
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Exploring the Sardonic Mind of Trey Abdella

Trey Abdella is the kind of person you really want to be friends with, and after reading his interview, you'll understand why.
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Cristina BanBan’s Work Holds An Oblong Sense of Comfort

We reached out to Cristina BanBan during this time of social distancing and were lucky enough to have her open up about her artistic process, her life moving around the world, and her dedication to painting from a very young age.
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Jason Mason’s Objects End Up in Unexpected Places

Jason Mason takes your average household tool and transposes it onto graphic landscapes as a commentary on an altered reality.
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Magda Skupinska’s ‘Layú’ at Maximillian William is a Crucial Reminder of Our Connection to Land and Nature

To recall Magda Skupinska’s recently closed show, Layú (meaning ‘land’ in Isthmus Zapotec, a language native to parts of Oaxaca) at Maximillian William is to recall a sensorially minimal and fresh experience.
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Anna Weyant Paints Figures of Playful Rebellion

Finding humor in the "paradoxical idea of misbehaving within a structured and controlled environment," she choose dollhouses to set the stage of her first solo show at 56 Henry in New York last fall.
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