Tony Toscani’s Giants Face the Crushing Weight of the World

Once deciding art was his calling, Toscani embraced abstract ideas about portraiture and how he could make this discipline entirely his own.

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Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe Endorses Cultural Dignity Through Color

Whether black or white, lime green or bright orange, Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe interrupts the normal view of portraiture with his bold colors and transformative human intricacies.
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Samantha Rosenwald Leans on Her Sense of Humor as a Mode of Social Survival

Growing up somewhat of an outcast in the, what some could say, superficial city of Los Angeles, Rosenwald has learned to rely on humor as a shield, socially.
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The Best Exhibitions of 2019

Art of Choice looks back at the year’s best shows
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David Matthew King Embraces Space

Making use of a primary color-centric palette, King creates seemingly straightforward paintings.
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Dominique Fung’s Paintings Modernize Tradition

Drawing influence from her Chinese background, Fung turns centuries old tropes on their head to make statements about modern day life as a woman.
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Salman Toor Disrupts Old Attitudes of Gender and Race

Toor's paintings create a palpable connection to the work of Old Masters.
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Mark Whalen Makes Light of the Human Experience

Whalen's sculptural work turns the medium on its head - somewhat literally.
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Maria Berrio’s Collages are Grounded in Magical Realism

Berrio's work reflects the traditions of South American folklore.
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Nicolas Party and Others Pay Tribute to Pastel at The FLAG Art Foundation

With "Nicolas Party: Pastel", the artist wears two hats, as both participating artist and curator.
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