The Studio Museum in Harlem Artist-in-Residence Exhibition Sets the #MOOD

Together, Allison Janae Hamilton, Tschabalala Self, and Sable Elyse Smith examine site, place, and time as they relate to American identity and popular culture, past and present.

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In ‘Emo Jungle’ Josh Smith Embraces the Old and Welcomes the New

In Smith’s inaugural solo exhibition with David Zwirner Gallery, he constructs s a multi-room exhibition that traces his many representational motifs and introduces a few fresh renderings.
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Sarah Rupp is Drawn to a Strong Female Gaze

Sarah Rupp's paintings, though vastly different stylistically, all depict female forms.
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At Gagosian, Jonas Wood Continues His Ongoing Exploration Into Painting

Using source imagery that spans genres, significance, and time, Wood has created a distinct style with layers of intrigue and interpretation.
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Chiaozza’s Wonders Enchant the Masses

Chiaozza's work explores intersections of the natural and imagined worlds and has a feel of universal connection.
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Shona McAndrew Depicts The Real and the Raw of Womanhood

Shona McAndrew is sick of women’s idyllic representation in art.
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In “Candy Jail” Julia Rommel Continues to Embrace Painting’s Imperfections

In her fourth solo exhibition with Bureau, Rommel presents a continuation of her ongoing exploration into the exposition of the procedures, tools, and materials that create a painting.
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Wangari Mathenge Analyzes the Shaping and Shifting of Identity

Wangari Mathenge uses art as a tool to find connection with space.
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Kristy Luck Bends The Possibilities of Landscape

Kristy Luck's paintings reference landscapes in a mystic and psychologically-charged way.
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Godwin Namuyimba Deconstructs The Elements of Identity

Godwin Namuyimba creates intricately layered paintings that tackle social and political issues.
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