Eleanor Swordy Combines Memory with Imagination

Swordy creates works that originate from a combination of her imagination and memories.

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Nike Opadiran’s Collection is Brimming with Top Emerging Artists

Opadiran's impressive art collection boasts many of our favorite contemporary artists.
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The Studio Museum in Harlem Artist-in-Residence Exhibition Sets the #MOOD

Together, Allison Janae Hamilton, Tschabalala Self, and Sable Elyse Smith examine site, place, and time as they relate to American identity and popular culture, past and present.
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Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski’s Practice Honors Her Roots

The artist's work draws from ancient art forms from far-reaching areas of the world.
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Sage Willows Celebrates Human Imperfections

Willows is making a name for himself in both art and fashion, despite being just 19 years old.
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Rutene Merk Paints the Intersection between Spirituality and Technology

Merk uses the centuries-old medium of oil on canvas in a wholly new way to depict abstract figuration.
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At Lyles & King, Seeing Becomes Physical

Lyles & King presents 'Touch Knows You Before Language', a group show featuring artists Vivian Greven, Erica Mahinay, and Lauren Seiden
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Grit Richter Searches for a Collective Representation of Memory

Richter's work is an examination into the representation of experiences and memories.
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Shara Hughes’ Landscape Paintings Aren’t About Nature At All

In her current solo exhibition at Rachel Uffner Gallery, Hughes continues her exploration into landscape painting by focusing in on the representation of flowers.
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